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Please feel free to send any digital photos you took at our wedding to and we will add them to our photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

Sherman Chu

Sherman Chu was hired to be our wedding photographer.  Sherman did an outstanding job at the wedding and his pictures turned out exceptionally well. We are now facing the difficult task of selecting only a small subset of the photos, from all that he took at the wedding, to create our official wedding album.

I have created a slide show, complete with accompanying music, from the image catalog that we received from him.  Please check out these pictures.  Note: the slide show file is a very large (27 MB) pdf document so please be patient while downloading it.  Download times can range from 2 minutes with DSL to 1 hour with a 56 kbps modem.  The slide show will start automatically after the download is completed.

In order to view the slide show properly you need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Image Viewer. Your Adobe Reader might update you automatically.




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